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Px, I'll use 2 examples from two soaps.

First Search For Tomorrow.

The 50's was all about Joanne and her troubles with the Bergman's thrown in.

Along came the 60's and it was still about Joanne and her romances with Arthur and then Sam Reynolds with stories about the Bergmans too. These were the A stories but early on in the 60's they aged Joanne's daughter Patti and the Bergman's daughter Janet and started featuring stories about them in their teens and early 20's and on up.

IN the 70's you still had Joanne with her new husband Tony Vincente with stories about Jo's sister, Jo's daugther Patti, Jo's foster son Bruce, and Stu Bergman and his new love Ellie. But the show aged Janet on up some as well as her oldest 2 children Gary and Liza and you began to see stories about them in their teens and collge years.

The 80's came along and you still had Jo with then husband Martin Tourneur who's nephew had married Liza. You still had Jo & Stu's friendship too. They began to feature stories on Jo's neice Suzi and the daughter of Jo's rival from the early 70's on. But also of Liza's adopted daughter too. The kids stories transitioned into A stories at points but for the most part they were always B stories to begin with - and the older people were used to balance them out in the A story. The biggest problem in the latter part of the 70's and the 80's was that Jo's daughter had been written out and all her grandchildren. Her only tie in town was her best friend Stu and her niece Suzi. They still managed to keep her involved but they needed ties to the past.

Now Days:

Days transitioned in the 70's of course with Michael & David who were aged to their late teens but they were not played like the vampy teens of today. Mike was so innocent and David had big issues with his mother Julie. Their stories were always secondary to Doug & Julie, Bill & Laura, Mickey & Maggie, and even Don & Marlena. Their stories always seemed to depend on the older story or tied into it but had circumstances that involved them though.

In the 80's they transitioned after a really bad period early on in the 80's with the aging of Hope and Melissa and they were some really good stories but they were never the A story again. Doug & Julie was heavily involved in Bo & Hope's story and Mickey, Maggie & Linda (Melissa's natural mom) were heavily involved in Melissa's story. Alice was even brought into the Roman story when she made the doughnuts and helped him escape jail.

Each time that Days used to transition - even when they transitioned to Jennifer Rose and Frankie and then even to Shawn & Belle the stories were dependant upon the older characters. They were never given free reign or completely led their own stories. And their story never started out as the A story.
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