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i have been a hogan doubter/turned active hater/then almost could stand him..which lasted a week or so..i have detested every interview he has given starting with the "ej and kate are gonna f--k"

and i freely admit it is due to the presence of james scott that i have continued to watch ..this actor has created more interest than any six that have ever been on the show, so how does hogan utilize this gift he was handed by the prior writer?

his ego has shown in this from the get go--he took a premise of ej should be a dimera to use it as ej should be a demented pyscho..showing no presence or understanding of the dimera's through days history..

first he spends months showing us a "hairy arm" as stefano, then when he gets the real deal, he has no clue how to write for the man..it is joe mascolos genius that has defeated the clumsiness of hogan once again, just as james scott did..

i will give him the clown moment as being quite good..but whatever else he is putting out is sucky..and the remarks he made on iwbass show what an imbecile he is...corday and scott should fire him as soon as that series concludes before his idiocy is further revealed.

in other words mary..right on!
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