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Steve Frame
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I have not watch GH: Night Shift because I don't watch SoapNet anymore right now. If they did a Y&R spinoff they might lure me back - just don't know.

I think they should really spice up the show if they are going to do a primetime cable version. TNT has really spiced up their new series esp. Saving Grace. I don't know how many times we have seen actual humping and seen Holly Hunter's behind. The show has a more real feel to it.

I really think stuff like that could lure viewers too. Y&R has really gotten very boring with their sex scenes and they used to be really good at them. They lack any romance to them and any sex appeal to them. But most all the shows are that way now. Primetime would give them a chance to spice it up some. A Y&R or OLTL spinoff either one would be ripe for that.
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