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Do you have any comments?
Dear Friends,
Back from a great journey especially Jordan.
Drinking water from the rock where Moses hit with his staff , from the word of God and the stream is still flowing. Loved Mt. Nebo where Moses died overlooking the Jordan valley, the dead sea...so high up. To the ancient city of Antioch where Paul preached the gospel ..what great ruins. Have some great shots. Onto Petra, what a magical place. To Wadi Rum ..the desert where Lawrence went through and sat in the Bedouin tents and had tea...to the dead sea where Israel was across the way...mud baths and floating. I was exhausted.
Turkey also great.
To Gallipoli and Troy and sat at the edge and pondered the great war with the Greeks and Trojans.
Onto Carpadocia where these amazing and ancient cities were carved out of these limestone rocks.
To the Topkapi palace and some crooked carpet dealers.. and are they everywhere.
Amsterdam where they pulled me out of line..its the terrorist again. Its such a joke ....they have no idea if one hit them.
So I hear the disguises especially the clown disturbed a few. It was fun to do. Came straight back to work with Andre reeking havoc.
Will be off to OZ in 3 wks with Drake and Diedre. Some PR for the show. Doing some scenes with Anna next week....but so far not enough. Good to get back into Tonys shoes again.
Can't wait to post the new pics ..soon and a chat and catch up.
Thanks again for your wonderful comments.
Some good news with the Mirror. Its been accepted in the Hollywood film festival at the Arclight theatre on either the 19th or 20th October. I'm thrilled.If anyone wants to attend and I'll get the details.
Lets live well and love well...always.
Love Thaao


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