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Great article again Mary.

It is very frustrating to watch the show and see that positive improvements that Edward Scott has made but at the same time hear such ridiculous and ignorant words come out of the mouth of the head writer. It makes me worry that Mr. Scott's influence might not be enough.

I did enjoy quite a few of the episodes last week even though my favourite characters were not featured very much but it is the articles and interviews in the soap magazines that make me scratch my head and wonder if they've learned anything from the disaster of the past year.

The thing I am most disappointed with is the ending of the Santo and Colleen saga. They had in their hands a beautiful and romantic story and in the end, they ruin it by turning the romantic hero into a lying, manipulative player. We already knew that Colleen would die or be presumed dead (my theory is that she is still alive - I think it would be a very compelling story for EJ and Sami to find Colleen alive and well somewhere in the present day) so the tragic end to the Santo and Colleen story was not a surprise but there was no need to ruin Santo in order to make sense of the vendetta but apparently, Hogan doesn't want James to ever portray a real romantic hero on the show.

Based on his Soap Star comments, I wonder if he perhaps resents the fact that James is "pretty" and that resentment clouds his judgment on how great of an actor James really is since he seems to believe that acting talent and good looks can not exist within the same being. Not every actor who looks like a model is a terrible actor and as you say Mary, a pretty face is NOT all the viewers want to see. If that pretty face can't act, I have no interest in the character. There have been many great looking guys on Days over the years who were not good actors and as a result, their characters were not popular. Actors who have both looks and talent are very popular but given the choice between the two, I'd go with talent because a talented actor can get you invested in his character no matter what he looks like. Joe Mascolo is not drop dead gorgeous but his character is probably the most popular on the show - why? Because he's a great actor and he gets viewers invested in the character.
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