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^ My face watching DAYS

Sep 23 2007, 09:53 PM
I understand your devotion. In fact, I was the same way with "Passions" for years...and even Days when people were talking about how Reilly was "driving the show to cancellation" (if only we had a time machine back then).

But I supposed that all good things must come to an end. Days was the love of my life for about ten years...that's longer than any other show I've watched (well...equal to Friends), but I don't see it as Days anymore. I see it as some horrid mess that Hogan has cooked up. It hurts to watch a show that I once adored go through this. And a year ago I never would've said this, but I wish it had been Days that NBC cancelled instead of Passions.

I just cannot agree with you AT all about that last sentence.

Thats like asking whether or not you want to remove a cyst on your ass or have your heart surgically removed!

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