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Steve Frame
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Mason AKA Hogan
Sep 23 2007, 10:07 PM
I hate that so many people seem to enjoy kicking DAYS when it's down. I don't know why, but for some reason, it's become fashionable to trash DAYS.

Not for me Mason, but for many fans of other shows out there "SOME" Days fans can only blame themselves for that trend.

Some people have always enjoyed trashing Days. That is just part of it just as some Days fans can't help but get in a punch at GH or other shows every chance they get.

But the reason that it has become even more fashionable stems from a discussion that some of us had on AIM one night. When HOgan came aboard SOME NOT ALL Days fans got very cocky. I remember at SON ATWT threads and other threads would be hijacked by Days fans who would proclaim Days victories and that it would be #1 by the fall or at least by Spring with Hogan there. It came a big trend on all soap boards for many of these Days fans to do this.

There are still fans of other soaps out there that remember that and love nothing but to put it back to the Days fans who did that. I don't think there is any real harm in it - just a pushing back of what was done to them.

As I have said before I have no problem with people criticizing the show. That is what a message board is all about. And when ratings are down you have to analyze them and say why. Sadly I think it is only fans who are analyzing why and not TPTB. It seemed like they were earlier this year but did they do anything about it no. So I think they are just on their selfish kick of serving their own agenda and the fans be damned.
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