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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Sep 23 2007, 09:48 PM
It is VERY hard for me to watch DAYS go through this dark period, what with all-time low ratings and general disdain from MANY fans about the current storylines.

I am also very sad to see the show sort of beginning to sort of fade not only from people's conversations but also from the internet discussion boards (including here and at SON). I just feel like the show is losing its devoted fans and it is really sad to watch.

I want nothing more than success for this show and as easy as it would be to just go with the consensus and kick the show while it is down (since this seems to be the "cool" thing to do or so it seems), when it appears to be trying to rebuild itself, I just cannot do it.

I still love the show, immensely and for some reason, even when I am dissapointed, I just cannot find it in my heart to abandon it or even really criticize it to the point that it has been.

Does anyone know what I am talking about....seriously im not crazy!

I am sad that the show is losing its appeal to the masses and I am sad that it is now the lowest rated show...I am sad that it appears to be all alone in its fight to survive.

I am just not ready to accept a television or daytime environment that does NOT include DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

I am still watching the show, and while I am not loving everything, I do see improvements and I am happy that some of our favorites are finally back (Real Tony, Stefano, Anna, Lexie ect).

I truly hope that the show is going to turn a corner and really just impress everyone. I want the show to just freaking BLOW everyone away and I certainly want it to climb back up the ratings board and prove that it does NOT deserve to be in the ratings cellar.

Well I sort of agree with you but I sort of don't.

I share your disdain for fans who say they would rather Days be cancelled then continue on in its current state. I would like Days to stay on the air in any incarnation than for it to die. I also am watching and have been watching pretty much every day (save a week in May) and though I thought last week was pretty bad as many weeks in the past 9 months have been pretty bad, but I've stuck with it.

That said, I don't see the point in holding my tongue when it comes to things that bother me about the show. Either the TPTB will see my comments and take them into consideration and change things, or I'll feel better after my venting. I don't think angry people on message boards drive ratings down. It's the people on the message boards IMO who are the die-hards who are the least likely to give up on the show no matter how much it tests their patience.
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