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Sep 23 2007, 08:07 PM
Perhaps it is my loyalty to the actors/characters that I have grown up loving.  Maybe it is NOT so much the show as an entity, but the characters and giving up on DAYS for me would be like giving up on THEM.

I get that. For a long time I was hanging on primarily through Sami, and my own weird need to see how things end. But now I'm on Sweeney overload, Sami's not fun anymore, so...why keep with it?

I don't think that the way fans think have changed. I think the show caused itself major problems by announcing a plan to save Days every 6 months for years and then letting it lapse back into garbage with recycled storylines and half-written characters.

Also, in a way I think the show already is gone for good. But I'm one of those people who would rather a show last for 5 years or so with really tight storylines than try and stretch the name out for decades, so I'm also less concerned about a television landscape without Days. It'll be weird not to see the name anymore, but when the substance of the show isn't what I think Days is...it kind of doesn't matter if the name is there. Plus Passions started kicking ass when it was near its end, so maybe a firm death date will give Days that same spark and at least give some pure entertainment for a consistent period of time.
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