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Sep 23 2007, 10:21 PM
Phoenix, I am to the point that I would rather see some of the soaps die while they are at least half way watchable. It is painful to see them limping to their deaths instead of going to them proud. It is sad to watch a soap die a painful death of failed plots, bad writing, character assasination, and not even looking like the same show it was in it's heydey.

As much as I love GL still, I have thought several times it would have been better for the show if CBS had cancelled it than put it on this death budget. The sets are terrible even though the acting is still good. And they desperately need a better writer. Even though the show is better it is not what it should be or what it could be. It is just sad watching it many times.

See, that is where we differ because I love Days too much to just say it should die. yes, it's struggling but it's still there. It still gives me enjoyment on a daily basis even if it's not what it should be.

I sometimes wonder if we all watch more to analyze and criticize rather then enjoy. It just seems like years ago people were patient and were there no matter what for the most part. Sure, there were likes and dislikes but things were not picked apart nearly as much. Even a few years ago, it seemed like even when a show sucked people still found a reason to stick by it and still found something to enjoy. I can be accused of this too. I used to just sit back and watch a show and now I end up questioning why a writer does something or writes a scene a certain way and why an actor plays a scene a certain way and things like that. I never did that before. Those little things meant nothing to me. I often wonder if that is what's changed. We all may pay more attention to those things then we used to.

A good example is JER's first run. I know people on some boards that loved it the first time around and then watch episodes or clips now and think it played them for fools. This same thing has happened to me. I often re-watch episodes from back then and wonder why I didn't notice how so much of the story was based on a simple misunderstanding that could be resolved in 5 minutes. I think people have gotten smarter and more privy to certain things. I think message boards have contributed to that but I also think storytelling has gotten so recycled and stale that people find themself looking at those things more attentively because the stories aren't as engrossing.

I guess, for me, I have accepted the fact that so much has been done that no story is going to be surprising anymore. The one thing I am grateful for is I can still find something I enjoy in all 9 soaps, especially Days, and that nothing takes away from that enjoyment. Maybe it's just me being blind to things but it's the way I am.
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