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After all... tomorrow is another day!

It's being reported that John Black is now taping his death scenes, there is a funeral scene coming with no body and Drake is trying to get on at other networks if Corday/Sheffer don't bring him back.

Before the inevitable freakout from both John lovers and haters though I was wondering if LSkreet could shed any light on this matter since the "birdies" there also recently claimed James Scott was leaving DOOL before it was revealed the "EJ dies" headline in SOD was a false headline and also claimed Marcus Patrick was out at DOOL after Cindi Rinehart said that she had heard that, although Cindi has now said she checked on the rumor and it wasn't true and MP is safe.


From Lskreet

This scene was taped today.

John was in a hit and run accident. He was rushed to the hospital with Marlena by his side. He was taken into surgery. Belle, Lucas and Sami come to the hospital. Tony and Anna are already there visiting Stefano.

I'm not sure if John dies or not. I'm sorry my source can only give me daily updates. I'll give you more info as it becomes available to me.

Guys I hate to say it but all signs point to John not making it.

Half of Salem gathered at the hospital around John's bed and had good bye talks with him. Marlena, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Sami, Lucas, Belle, Shawn, Grandpa and Grandma Shawn, Kate. John is in and out of consciousness (sp?) most of the time.

And for your final update on John Black he is indeed dead. Funeral scenes were taped today. Pretty much everyone in Salem was in attendence.

Just to name a few....Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Abe, Lexie, Jett, Celeste, Marlena, Belle, Sami, Lucas, Roman, Billie, Chelsea, Maggie

Abe and Belle speak at the funeral. Abe says they will give John a policeman's burial. His coffin is covered in the American flag. There are two huge photos. One of John alone and one of John and Marlena.

John/Belle had a talk where she said she wanted to say so many things but didn't know what to say and all he wanted was for her not to forget her father.
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