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DAYS is a show that is rich in history and has a goldmine of talent just sitting there being wasted. This past year, it's ignored all the greatness that it once was by throwing a bunch of newbies in front burner storylines and expecting them to carry the show while the veterans are reduced to providing commentary while reading old love letters about a fued that I stopped giving a shit about months ago.

I've been told many times that I'm not a true DAYS fan, because I tune out when it's bad, and speak negative all the time. :unsure:

IMHO, A "true" fan of any show is not someone who chants "rah! rah! rah!" to everything and anything on screen. Of course you're going to love a show when it puts out an excellent product. When the show sucks, and continues it's downward spiral for 6-8 months on end without any changes in sight, then sooner or later you have to accept the fact. If the caliber of programming gets so bad that the ratings fall faster than Britney's career, I would imagine the true fans are the to ones getting upset and protesting for a better show. If you break your arm, why would you choose to leave it broken rather than have it fixed?

Every week we hear the same excuses for the ratings being horrible. "Pre-emptions, time slot shanges, lack of primetime promotion, it's summer time, possible cancellation rumors, passions being cancelled, cable shows, talk shows etc" When are we going to wake up and say "Ya know what? Maybe the ratings stink because the writing is not up to par, or all the newbies on screen are not the characters that a million people want to see? They say times have have changed, but the basic premise of the soap opera has not. If times have indeed changed and the soaps are writing to accomodate those changes, they are doing a horrible job.

Seriously, I would love to be optimistic, but I have accepted that is most likely the end of DAYS. We are seeing the last grains of sand fall through our beloved hourglass. I'd love to at least have one last farewell story for Bo, Hope, John and Marlena. I just hope the last two years of the show won't be remembered for the invasion of the newbies.

"Like sands through the hourglass these were the days of Steve, Kayla, Jeremy, Stephanie, Jett, Chelsea, Max, Nick, Sami and EJ's lives"

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