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I've been thinking what are just a few things that DAYS really needs right now to be better that more or less, only requires Hogan to swallow his pride, and here's what I've come up with.

1. Give John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope frontburner stories of their own. No reading letters or providing color commentary.

2. Write more romance.

3. Make the Horton family prominent again.

4. Lumi or EJami Ė pick one and stick with it.

5. Write with more balance i.e. give characters like Maggie, Billie, Abe, Lexie, etc. storylines for a change.

6. End the Shawn/Belle/Philip triangle once and for all.

7. Stop shoving characters viewers actively donít like (Jeremy, Jett, etc.) down their throats.

8. Write with more consistency. No more of this two weeks of mediocrity, one week of greatness crap.

9. Stop playing it safe. All these character-in-peril moments carry little weight because viewers already know whatís going to happen.

10. Donít rush through stories. Go from Point A to B to C. Not straight from A to C. Viewers want to SEE charactersí reactions not hear about them.
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