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^ My face watching DAYS

Sep 24 2007, 01:00 AM
Mason AKA Hogan
Sep 24 2007, 12:13 AM
Jesus Christ, this thread alone is depressing me...

Ain't that the truth...

I don't know what's worse...so many people giving up, concern over the show's fate, or the fact that I'm apparently blind to the show's faults just because I am positive all the time. <_<

Phoenix, I don't think you are blind to the show's faults. I think you ARE aware of them, you just are just finding things to enjoy IN SPITE of those faults and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that.

While some of the stories may be misguided at the moment, some of us can see past just the storytelling, we can appreciate the immense improvements in acting, dialouge and production values.

At least THOSE things have improved on this show...I mean the storytelling has been misguided, with brights spots few and far between for YEARS on this show, but during those other years the dialogue, acting and production values were also severely lacking.

Hogan Sheffer MAY or MAY NOT be the right man to scribe this show, but one thing is for sure, he has definetely improved the crappy dialogue and has gotten rid of constant use of flashbacks that have plagued DAYS for well over a decade.

I certainly am NOT throwing in the towel because I believe in Ed Scott and I believe he will help guide DAYS back onto the right path and whether that means finding a new HW or just getting Hogan back on track (because lets admit it, he has written very entertaining stuff during his current tenure), I just don't see him letting this show slip further into ratings hell.

DAYS *IS* going to change, there is ALWAYS hope and the writing is CERTAINLY NOT on the wall for this show and I for one am not going to give up on the show, certainly not now when behind the scenes changes are hopefully going to continue to help improve the show and only provide more incentive to keep hoping.
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