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If you had asked me last year, I never would have thought we'd ever see another one of these posts. It makes me sad.

I don't know if I can come up with 10, but here are a few.

-Stop victimizing Sami! I'm sorry, but Sami is no freaking heroine and she should have never been molded into one. That's just not who Sami is. Sami is a scheming little bitch, and she should continue to be a scheming little bitch until the day she does. Does that mean she has to be immature? NO! She can be a mature scheming little bitch. I am all for the raising of Sami's maturity level. However, I am loathing Hogan for turning Sami into the show's resident victim. She is a freaking wash rag now, who can't even defend herself. That's not Sami.

-Where in the hell is the writer that was writing Max/Abby/Chelsea/Nick/Stephanie last fall? I don't know how many times I shouted how much I was looking forward to this summer, just because we finally had a younger set of characters that were just so great and being written for well. Then, Shayna Rose was released as Stephanie. Ashley Benson left and took Abby along with her. Shelley Henning debuted as Chelsea...er, I mean Stephanie, and brought along Jeremy Horton and Jett Caver, and I'm seeing a summer of nothing what I envisioned. I just don't get it. Have Stephanie, Jeremy and Jett pack their bags and get the fuck out of Salem!

-Stop it with the incest! You promised us no incest in your first interview last year. You ended Stephanie and Max just around this time last year. One year later, where are we? Oh, I believe that Max and Stephanie almost had sex had it not been for Bo and Kayla coming in to save them. WTF!?

-More romance please! Sure, Hogan, you gave the men their penises back, but when do they ever get to use them?

That's all I can think of right now since it is 2:11 in the morning lol. Maybe I'll add more later.
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