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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I love everyone's suggestions.

Other things I would say...

Stop playing favorites so damn much unless there is some money issue that has everything so out of balance in terms of who gets to be on the frontburner all the time and who is windowdressing. I mean I get that Hogan Sheffer has hard-ons for Alison Sweeney and Mary Beth Evans and though I love them both and their characters, I understand there are people who don't and I would like those fans to have a chance to enjoy "Days" too. So how about more balance with more stuff for Billie and Hope and Marlena?

Give Leann Hunley a contract and a story.

Make the Kate/Roman/Anna/Tony quad happen. And make Kate and Anna rivals or reluctant partners in business or something while using the natural Brady-DiMera mistrust to add some tension to Roman and Tony's interactions.

Stop writing the women so fickle and bipolar. You gave the men their penises back? Well give the women their hearts back. And that might help the romance some.

BTW, if you guys would further like to discuss the good and bad you think Hogan has brought to the show you could check out my column this week... COUGH *shameless plug* COUGH :D
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