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I could not agree more about Sami being...distorted.

My Top 6:

1. Stop with the near-deaths. It's desperate, anyway, to wring drama only from characters being in life-or-death peril, and it doesn't even work anymore.

2. Balance! I'm not too worried about giving the core four frontburner stories and constant airtime, but I need to see other people on screen. And whoever decided to double-pump Sweeney and Scott over the summer needs to be fired and/or shot.

3. Get these people some friends! It's a nice way to introduce new characters without shoving them down viewers' throats, and it'd be a good way to see another side of the character we know. The Chelsea/Stephanie friendship is neat (and kudos for not having them broken up by a man, at least not yet), and it'd be great to see others like that.

4. Along with friendship, explore family ties. Sami's all Bradys 4-Eva right now, so how about showing us what her relationship with those people is like, outside of conversations about the vendetta? How do she and Belle relate? What of Chelsea and Billie? Or Chelsea and Shawn?

5. If we must have triangles, let them develop naturally. This would mean, say, not having two people jump out of an airplane and get stranded together. Or having one person declare love after like an hour of knowing the other. It would also mean not casting people specifically to be part of a triangle. And give us a settling point where we get time to see one couple actually together for awhile, to see what those characters do other than strive to be with their trueloveforever. I might be able to root for one particular outcome if some of that happened.

6. Connected to that, build characters as individuals first. I can understand brining on someone new as a love interest, but it seems like that's all Days does and has done for awhile now. That's part of why its so easy to merge character names and build a couple's fanbase: neither partner was ever intended to be a separate person. I feel like things on the show would be so much better if they focused more on who these people are for awhile instead of just giving them crap to do, if that makes sense.
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