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morlock sevigny

Interesting topic and some very valid points being made.

My 2 cents:

I am puzzled about who the execs think the audience is these days.

Isn't the desired demographic 18-49?

That covers an awful lot of viewers.

Surely you would focus your characters in that age group also which would mean some characters in late teens/early 20's,then others in their 20's.30's and40's.

Nightime is chasing the same demos and I think Desperate Housewives does very well in that demo.The shows leads (except Eva Longoria)are women in their 40's.The teen characters get a look in via subplots that always affect the parents.

Older characters(usually the Housewives parents) are also brought in -often actors in their 60's and 70's!!

Daytime has always had the young characters -remember Bob&Lisa were once the Gwen & Will of their day-but their stories tied in heavily with their parents so both generations were equally represented.It gave the stories more interest and depth and probably more appeal to a wide age group.

I remember reading years ago that the appeal of soaps for young viewers was to see caring parents that they perhaps lacked/to see the older generation mess up their lives and to identify with the young heroine and the bad girl.

Seems nowadays the bad girl is the heroine of the show!

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