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I'll probably repeat some that have already been said, but....

1.) Leave. He's my least favorite head writer ever.

2.) Bring back bitch Sami. I hate the current incarnation.

3.) Write off Jett and Jeremy. Keep Max, Steph, Chels, and Nick but ON THE BACKBURNER.

4.) Marlena, John, Bo, Hope are the leads. Treat them as such.

5.) Use history that has actually HAPPENED on the show....like what happened to Stefano's love for Marlena?

6.) End the fued. You've made a mess out of a would-have-been-great storyline so just stop it.

7.) Stop pissing off Lumi AND Ejami fans.

8.) Give Kate some depth instead of having her as an evil, ruthless villain once a week.

9.) Fine something to do with the character of EJ. One minute he's missunderstood, then he's a good guy, then he's a pure evil....if you can't decide, then kill him off.

And my last reason is something that no one will agree with me on. :lol:

10.) Bring back Jan Spears and all will be forgiven.
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