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Mitch, I'm not going anywhere! I don't like everything I see on DAYS right now (my main problem is all the newbies being on so much), but I'll never quit watching. There have been many times over the last 38 years that I've been frustrated and disappointed, but I stick with it and hope for changes. Last week wasn't a great week IMO, but that doesn't negate the wonderful shows we've had in the last few weeks--and there have been a lot of good ones. The Santo/Colleen episode of 9/6 was one of the most beautiful I've seen in years. There's been A LOT of good; we just have a tendency to forget them after a few clunkers!

For me, I've decided to focus on the overall show more and quit picking things apart so much. Yes, there are dangling storylines and huge holes in plots and characters that act out of character, but those things have always been on soaps. If something really drives me crazy (like Jett), I've started FFing it and that way I don't see it so I can't complain about it! And once in awhile I discover a character is growing on me (Jeremy) and maybe isn't so bad after all and I'm able to watch the scenes and enjoy them instead of abusing my DVR FF button so much. It's all cyclical, and I've learned to wait it out. That's not to say I don't criticize DAYS, because I do, but I still love it and it doesn't even cross my mind to quit watching. I'll be there to the end....which I really hope is years and years from now!

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