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Steve, so glad my comment inspired this thread because it's a great topic! I don't always like that my favorites aren't on as often as I like, but I do understand the necessity of introducing new, fresh characters. I've seen it happen many times and over months and years, these "newbies" have become my new favorites. But notice that it took months and sometimes years...you can't throw a newbie on the screen and immediately have them frontburner and isolated from the vets. And that's exactly what DAYS did this summer. They introduced a recast Stephanie in late spring (and Stephanie herself is a new character since she hasn't been seen since she was a small child), the two new characters of Jett and Jeremy arrived in June, and those three combined with Chelsea and Nick (who has been on less than a year) ruled the summer! We don't know these characters, why should we be the slightest bit interested in their story--which was lame anyway.

I do think the torch has to be passed, but it has to be done slowly and by incorporating the newbies into the stories of people we care about. On DAYS, the younger set has not been established enough to grab that torch because we don't care about them...at least not yet. I loved Hope because I loved Addy, Doug and Julie and I loved Sami because I loved Roman and Marlena. Those connections are what originally got me invested in them, until their involvement in others' stories made me see them as real people with their own stories to tell. However, just because the torch is passed doesn't mean we shouldn't see the vets any more, especially on a show like DAYS where the focus has always been on family. If you take away Doug, Julie, Maggie, Alice, Marlena, John, Caroline, Victor, Bo, and Hope then the core families are gone and the heart and soul of DAYS goes with it.
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