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Sep 24 2007, 01:14 AM
I would just like to state that announcing your disapproval of a show should not be considered "throwing in the towel" or giivng up on the show. I'm sick of seeing someone being accused of giving up on DAYS just because they have something negative to say. They're allowed. They watched the show, and saw something that deserved a negative response. Let them say that without jumping down their throats.

I am not jumping down people's throat about criticizing the show...I am simply offering a counter-opinion on what has appeared to be a continual increase in disdain for DAYS.

I do not necessarily think that critisizing the show is "throwing in the towel".....however I do feel that some posters and for the majority people are realling putting the show through the ringer and hoping for cancellation rather than improvement.

I also really just wanted to voice my stance on the show and that I am sticking by it no matter what happens.
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