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After all... tomorrow is another day!

FINALLY this week is here. I haven't hated this feud storyline as much as some people, and in fact have enjoyed a lot of it but I have to say now that it appears we are coming down the homestretch I am ready for them to just wrap this up.

Some random thoughts...

I will be so glad when this show doesn't have the word, vendetta, appear in scripts at least 30 times a week. Because at this point whenever I hear them say it for some reason I wind up singing that "Umbrella" song to myself except it's Vendetta-etta-etta-ay-ay-ay and I don't even really like that song so yeah... I'm definitely ready for this to be over. Especially knowing that the Vendetta-etta-etta-ay-ay-ay "isn't important at the end of the day" to Hogan Sheffer so I just have to roll my eyes when I see him put words in Sami's mouth as if it's the most important thing in the world.

I'll also be glad with this storyline being over if it means no longer having to see Sami on the verge of tears at all times. Do you think if we banded together and sent some Johnson & Johnson No More Tears baby shampoo to the studio they would get the hint? Sami is a fierce beeyotch, not a crying basketcase. I don't care if she is a bajillion months pregnant and living her life in constant fear of herself or her loved ones being killed and tormented over her feelings for a man who isn't her husband, crying jag Sami is not what Sami fans want to see. (Of course Sami haters don't want to see her at all, but I would imagine if they do have to see her they would rather see her not crying all the time also - folks, feel free to correct me on this if this is an inaccurate assumption)

The Max-Chelsea convo was interesting. I like the Max-Chelsea friend chemistry (and it's so nice to see anyone on this show interact just as friends since those relationships just aren't hardly explored at all any more these days) but this Stephanie-Max storyline is just annoying for me. NOT because of the incest but because of the way that the show has completely forgotten what a douche Max was to Stephanie as played by Shayna Rose. I mean, I didn't even like her Stephanie, but for the continuity of the stories it's just obnoxious they gave Chelsea the dialogue "First there was Mimi" not only forgetting the Steph history but Max's with Chelsea too. Ugh. And Max is such a player and Stephanie is so fickle she just comes across as a slutty insecure pathetic doormat with her feelings toward Jeremy and Max in constant flux. I think Shelley Hennig is doing the best she can with the material, but writers are doing her character no favors IMO.

Oh poor Steve getting stabbed. It's good to see the Johnsons all together getting through it though.

Loved the Abe-Bo stuff and especially Peter Reckell's face after hanging up the phone with Abe. That was just brilliant. And yay for Andre being back! LOL at "Don't be greedy" during his scene with Sami. But wtf with the grenade? Does he just carry those around with him just in case? And another non-fatal explosion? Said it before, I'll say it again. HS must have the attention span of a gnat. But I do have to admit that when Bo opened the door and all the smoke came out that was the coolest and most realistic explosion I've seen on "Days" during this entire storyline. So thanks, Ed Scott! The nighttime looks beautiful too!

OMB is such a wimp. This storyline has really made me hate the character of Shawn Brady and trashed it beyond repair as far as I'm concerned. He just really really sucks for being so selfish and such a coward in keeping the secret. I hope he dies before this storyline is through. And dang they sure reopened the Pub pretty quickly after its explosion and Andre trashing the place didn't they? How many days are supposed to have elapsed since Stefano's funeral? Which I thought was the same day the explosion at the Pub happened? Hasn't it only been one day?
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