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The dialogue is better and so is the whole feel of the show. It's not choppy and the execution is worlds better (ex. the explosion on today's show). The SFX are gone and you are seeing a serious production now.

I should also add that for those having a problem with the incest, it's over tomorrow. Max and Stephanie call it off and it seems it was nothing more then a plot point to make her realize she will love Jeremy no matter what he does.

Now, as to what Hogan can do:

1.) Tell Ken Corday to fuck off and just open his ear to Ed Scott.
2.) Get some people on staff with knowledge of Days.
3.) More romance but not so much that the show becomes too cutesy or happy. There needs to be a balance and sometimes Days is one sided in some things.
4.) Apply history better to stories. It's clear the research is being done but applying it is the key.
5.) Better balance. The young cast should be mixed in with the adults and the adults should be driving most of the episodes.
6.) Continue with the character interactions and family moments. These have been getting better lately.
7.) Kill a major character off just so we can feel some suspense when a life is in danger. I haven't felt much suspense at all since the SSK. The show needs to show that they are willing to take risks so we can have tha aura of unpredictability.
8.) Do a better job of showing what are the A stories and what are the B and C stories. An example of this is how the feud started off the summer being the BIGGEST story and then TTS became the biggest story. It goes back to balance but it also is a writing and execution issue.
9.) Do a better job of showing character reactions and playing all the beats of a story or scene.
10.) This is one of the biggest things....DO NOT LET THE FANBASES DICTATE EVERY AREA OF THE SHOW!! Go with what produces the best drama and what you feel is best for the show. Go with the compelling story and stick to it. No more waffling and no mote re-writes. This goes for everyone at Days. Have the balls to stick to something for once and not cave to the fanbases.

That is all I can think of.
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