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Sep 23 2007, 10:49 PM
For me that is the opposite. I find myself more and more going back to things that I saw as really bad back in the day and now I sit and watch it and would give my eye teeth of the shows today were even half as good as what I thought was bad.

Just an example I watched Capitol during the James Lipton years and it was a big letdown after the Henry Slesar and Peggy O'Shea years on the show. I remember I highly criticized the show then. Not on boards since we didn't have them but to myself.

Recently when I was doing research on Capitol for an article in the history forum I watched some old clips from the Lipton era and I was shocked at actually how good it was compared to the soaps of today. Sure it was still bad compared to Slesar but it was still damn good traditional soap opera at it's best.

On the other hand I have looked back on stuff during JER's 2nd run and wonder how in the world I praised it like I did on boards. So I don't think will ever change even though I see things bad today. If the trends continue that the soaps just keep getting worse instead of better I guess in a few years if Days does move to Direct TV or SoapNet on a shoe string budget I will look back and think well Hogan's tenure wasn't all that bad compared to what we have today.

That's the way I feel about GL. I still enjoy it but seeing those sets and how sad GL looks technically and set wise, it just makes me so sad for the show. And to know that because of all the cuts in budget, the loss of affiliates, the time switching in areas, there is no way GL can compete with other shows. It is just sad.

On the JER comment, I'm just the oppsite. lol. For a period at the end of his 2nd run, although I've always loved him, I was getting so disapointed. I hated Alex North and all of Marlena's close-calls with getting her memory back....

But now that I look back, I would take that ANY day over this. At least we were SEEING Marlena.
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