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I didn't fault Sami for being weepy today. She's scared and frustrated and desperate and evidently the only person in the family who's interested in searching for Roman. It was kind of glaring that no other family members were there at the Pub with her as it should have been command central for the civilian search efforts.

I liked seeing Bo and Abe working together today. The explosion was a cool effect and Bo was extremely lucky that he managed to find that portfolio! I'm still loving crazy Andre and since I'm hit and miss on spoilers I was surprised when he showed up at the Pub with his proposition for Sami. You'd think this would be an easy choice for her but evidently not...so I think Sami is going to have to finally quit lying to herself about her feelings for EJ.

I love Chelsea and her smart mouth, but she shouldn't be giving Max love advice when her own love life is such a mess. Stephanie needs to work through the whole Jeremy situation before any thought is given to a relationship with Max....her UNCLE MAX! I wish the show would address this issue because unless and until they tackle it, I'm going to continue to be hung up on it. At least acknowledge the possible ick factor instead of treating it like any other love triangle.

Grandpa Shawn is sure a stubborn old SOB. When he left the Pub, I hope he's going where I think he's going.
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