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Sep 24 2007, 02:04 PM
I will be so glad when this show doesn't have the word, vendetta, appear in scripts at least 30 times a week. Because at this point whenever I hear them say it for some reason I wind up singing that "Umbrella" song to myself except it's Vendetta-etta-etta-ay-ay-ay and I don't even really like that song so yeah... I'm definitely ready for this to be over.

Damn you, now it is my head!

Steve- how did he make it to the hotel with that stab wound? I was very surprised when he was on the other side of that door. The Johnson family were fantastic today. Steve still grilling Stephanie even in the condition he was in. Steph offering to watch Pocket was one of the nicest things she has done.

Bo & Co. Not surprised that Lucas and EJ ended up in the alley. I was however surprised that Lucas told Bo not to give Andre the gun, while EJ disagreed. Andre taking the two hostage was also a surprise. I liked when he went to the pub to see Sami and she didn't know who it was. Why would he give her prior notice? Testing her to see if she would inolve the police.

Grandpa Shawn needs to spill the beans already. sure he is ashamed, but my goodness enough is enough. Sami was right that the family forgives her, what happened was 50 years ago.

Overall I think today had great dialog, acting, and suspense. I can not wait for tomorrow, the previews looked good.
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