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Sep 24 2007, 09:19 PM
How do you suggest they make the death real?  'Cause I agree that it's necessary, but I have trouble seeing how it's possible.

I'm thinking they'll have to use a character on-screen to act out the disbelief viewers like me will feel.  That's part of why I'm hoping they'll kill John if they do one of the core four- I'd love to see Belle/Madison play out those scenes.

Which reminds me- I think Hogan needs to incorporate the alternative perspective on screen a bit better than he does.  Like Reilly would have Jan snarking on Belle and Shawn so that haters like me could still watch and be pulled in.  Give some balance in that aspect, especially when things are being hammered as hard as, say, EJ/Sami.

Good point. Someone has to make the point about how death has been a mockery in Salem (well, not Zack's but still). They just need to acknowledge it and I think they have to milk the death for all it's worth, In other words, play all the beats and make it the saddest thing ever because there has to be a ton of finality to it.

I also agree with the rest of your comments. I always liked when we had a character or two that would bring in the fans' point of view on a story, couple, etc.
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