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I agree that it was the cheapest wedding I had ever seen!Where was Nancy? After the heart to heart were Nancy gave Katie the pearls Chris gave her they didn't invite her??

As I watched today I was reminded of the article in this weeks Soap Opera Weekly where Terri bashed CarJack fans. Did anybody seeit?

She tells Carolyn Hinsey:

"I don't read my mail and I don't read the internet anymore because it makes me mad.Carly can do no wrong and Katie is the bitch in all of this?"

Do you think she came here and at SON,LOL?

".......I don't care if Carjack fans hate me anymore. People are flawed .I'm over it."

Carolyn said"It is so weird like if Carly and Jack don't end up together then the Carjackers have lost....."

Terri said:"Right!You should write an article on the psychology of that...."

I won't copy it word for word here,I will give a link.

It sounds like the actress is not happy if she isn't the center of attention just like the character she plays.

Click on the link in the message.
Link to article
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