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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Sep 24 2007, 11:57 PM
By what Leann has posted in her guestbook in the past she sounds like she wants a contract.

I am not happy about Nadia coming back AT ALL. I guess if the storyline is decent and she doesn't just bitch and act all superficial I might be able to tolerate her.

What about Brady? They divorced? I would rather have Nicole back. I loved her!

OK the Ford Decker name just SUCKS. Is that some reference to "Blade Runner"? Or is the frat guy going to have a best friend named Chevy Black? With all these insipid and stereotypical names I just feel like Hogan Sheffer is treating DOOL like an inside joke or something. And here we have yet another multi-week newbie dayplayer getting shoved down our throats it sounds like while so many contract and recurring vets we know and love sit on the shelves.

As for Nadia returning... my first reaction is UGH. I hate hate hate Chloe Vain. I actually liked her when she was the "ghoul girl" and liked her with Phillip at the very beginning and liked her stuff with Nancy, but after a while I just grew to hate her and the whole stupid storyline with the scar made me want to throw things and the whole Brady and Chloe singalongs were just very WTF? to me whenever they happened.

I also would much rather have Leann get a contract, which I believe she DOES in fact want. And I would also much rather have Ari come back and play Nicole again to help Sami get her bitch back. Hell, I'd even take Christie Clark back to play Carrie even though I'm not THAT crazy about her character either but at least she would give Anna more to do and she would also help Sami to get her bitch back.

Now that said...

If the return of Chloe can actually mix up the Phillip/Belle/Shawn triangle somehow, I will welcome that development because I'm just bored with that right now.

And Phoenix... You talk about how she is a recent face that was popular... but aren't most of the people she's popular with Broe fans who will be kind of pissed they are going to wind up breaking up Broe?

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