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Great article Mary! And thanks for pointing me to this site. :)

I had high hopes for HS when he started on Days. I assumed that it would take awhile for him to clean up the mess left by JER. Under Hogan, the flashbacks did stop making a three-times an episode appearance, characters began having conversations that were above the level of a ten-year old and the supernatural crap disappeared -- at least for a little while. JER had left the building and I couldn't have been happier.

But then came December 29th--the big-o mistake-o, the tarot card, Steve as the looney, EJ terrorizing the residents of Salem (I love how James Scott has played him BTW), Sami becoming a whiny Stepford wife to a clueless husband, the neverending Shelle on-the-run saga, etc. Like has been stated before, if it weren't for the actors and some excellent dialogue, I would have had a very hard time sticking around and watching. Good, witty dialogue for me personally makes up for a lot of other flaws. But for the general audience, that doesn't cut it.

Storytelling and connecting characters . . . that to me those are HS's problems. He doesn't finish ANY story that gives viewers a payoff. Even a story that starts off rottenly can be saved if the build and the final payoff is well-written and executed. But that doesn't seem to be HS's style. He throws new characters into the mix without allowing them to interact in a meaningful way with well-established characters to get the general audience warmed up to them.

HS has so many good elements to work with on Days. Plenty of good actors, a show with a well-established history, and some exceptional scriptwriters. And although HS has served up his share of crap, he has also had a few brilliant episodes. I think of the Dimera/Brady dinner episode. There actually have been quite a few good individual episodes during his time, but that's the one that stands out for me as near perfection. Watching it left me with a lot of hope for the show. Episodes like that one kept me from condemning HS completely. But, as time wore on, the quality started slipping again and that particular episode, like many other good ones, seemed to be more isolated than one that people refer back to as part of a whole, if that makes sense. I also think about the whole Lumi/EJami storyline. I love EJ and Sami together, but even I got to the point of saying "dammit, make a decision HS -- one or the other and stop this back and forth! I'm getting sick of this fuckin' merry-go-round!" That frustrates me about this writer. And his recent comments on Soapstar didn't help. I really turned negative toward him after that.

Enough of my babble. Mary, great points, great article. I look forward to reading more.
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