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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Sep 25 2007, 12:28 AM
Not necessarily, IMA. There were plenty of Phloe fans too. Also, Broe fans understand Kyle is on another show so they would rather not have a recast so I think they are ok with that since they know he can't return.

I know they could've brought someone else. All I am saying is I can see why they would do this. I would love to have Nicole back over Chloe or even Jack. However, this is a move I can't argue with because I can understand it.

I should also add that I, too, believe LeAnn wants a contract. I was merely throwing the suggestion out there. Didn't realize I was stepping on any toes.

Well I was sort of a Phloe fan before JKJ left the role, but that doesn't mean I am dying for Phloe Redux. I just wonder if there are Phloe die-hards out there who want to see that again? I mean I thought they pretty much ruined it by the end. Oh well... like I said... if this somehow livens up sHELLe/pHELLe then I will appreciate that.

But as for whether people will understand that Kyle is on BandB and not care that Broe is getting broken up... I wish that all fans were that understanding but a lot aren't. I have seen more than one person since these Nadia rumors came up express disgust that they were breaking up Broe to bring her back. The same way some Jack and Jen fans were glad that Matt Ashford wasn't on the show anymore after Missy didn't want to do it so Jack/Jen could be together in their heads and the way that some people would rather the show get cancelled than see their favorite couple broken up. Do I think this line of thinking is necessarily reasonable or does it make sense to me? No. But it is out there is all I'm saying.
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