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Sep 24 2007, 10:50 PM
Strange, I thought DWTS was top rated in all it's seasons.

I loved the show tonight except it was a little hard to see Drew take Samatha's place. It should have been a woman. Those two reminded me of Jimmie Kimmel and Guilermo....pitiful. Love Drew, but not as co-host.

OMG. what a little energetic fireball Sabrina is. She is by far the best of the women tonight and I expect ... all season.

Mel was next.

I thought Marie was next, due mostly to her showmanship and personality.

Jane was so elegant. I just loved her and so I placed her next.

Jennie was so nervous that it wasn't really a good performance, but she has possibilities so she will hopefully be more relaxed next week.

Definitely Josie was last and unless a male dancer is worse, she will be going, in my view.

All the male professionals were so HOT.

I voted three times for Sabrina and three times for Jane.

Kudoes to DWTS to limit votes to six per email addy, text messg, etc.

I loved seeing Jane! She was great. 56 years old with a bad back and she's out there! Go Jane! Marie did a good job, her personality gets her through anything. The little firecracker, Sabrina from the Cheetah girls blew me away. I've never seen a first dance as good as that. Can't wait for the guys tonight.
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