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Steve Frame
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Mason AKA Hogan
Sep 24 2007, 10:33 PM
Well, "history" may see him that way, but the people I feel are responsible are Ken Corday, Tom Langan, Dena Higley and James E. Reilly.

I see it completely as a combination of every damn one of them including Hogan Sheffer.

I blame Ken Corday but there is no way that this whole damn year has been totally Corday. Hogan has to share the blame as well. Corday may have told him who to write for earlier this year but I am sure he didn't tell him to make it so damn boring that people couldn't stand what was being written. And Hogan has said himself at the start of this vendetta story that he was writing now for who he wants to write for. He said this is the story he wants to write. And Hogan is the one who keeps making the damn statements that is getting him in trouble such as the constant shout outs to the Lumi fans, the acknowledgements of the EJami fans, constant pitting them against one another, and the stupid stuff he said about Days fans wanting good looks over talent. That was all him - not Corday.

Hogan shares equally in this to me and unless he suddenly comes forward and grows some balls and denounces some of it, I won't be changing my mind.
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