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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Sep 25 2007, 01:49 PM
It's Thaao's acting, to be sure, coupled with Ed's production values, that make me ACTUALLY scared of Andre this go 'round (as opposed to Andre during the SSK).

It's all so gloomy and scary and Thaao (I'm probably spelling the name wrong, right?! What an unusual spelling!) hits it out of the ballpark EVERY-FUCKING-TIME.

You spelled it right, JoSeF! And ICAM with you all about Thaao's awesomeness.

As for today's show...

Another flashback attack episode today. Still, I thought it was pretty good and I can honestly say I enjoyed every single scene of this show. Don't know if the show was better or I was just in a better mood watching it, but whatever. I'm happy. :D I really liked the family interactions (Sami-Uncle Bo, Stephanie-Steve, cousins Nick and Jeremy) and seeing Doug and Julie again. It's been a while.

Also, for the first time in a while, Chelsea and Nick shared scenes and I didn't feel like Chelsea was being THAT bratty and I could see myself starting to like Chick again. And I loved Jeremy's snarky comment about how he couldn't put up with Chelsea for even one day. LOL. Trevor has really grown into this role and Jeremy is really growing on me. Seriously if they just cut Jett out of the equation I could totally dig the younger set right now.

I enjoyed the Stefano confrontation too and am so glad to see him out of his wheelchair. But I'm curious if now that he has that liver does he not need the stem cells anymore?

I liked the random shots of Roman in the coffin interspliced in things acknowledging the poor guy is still in there.

And I seriously can't help it any more. I love Artemis and Demarquette! They are adorable. And Nick's interactions with them are always fun. I don't really see what the point of this story is, yet somehow I am still enjoying it especially now that China Lee is gone. Guy kicking ass in Panama hat >>>>>>>> than yet another ex-hooker blackmailing Nick.

Sami-Andre was good and Andre was fun and creepy as ever. It's weird, because this scene sort of reminded me of when EJ made Sami come to meet him at the cabin and I don't know if that was intentional or not. In any event, I'm glad Andre is making Sami deal with her feelings for EJ even if this whole thing is sort of messed up, but I just appreciate that he is helping us all move this triangle storyline forward. Thanks, crazy psycho! Although I am confused and intrigued by some mixed messages being sent out by Andre in all of that where at one point he talked about how EJ isn't actually a reformed DiMera yet he also hinted that maybe EJ didn't shoot John Black as he clarified a reference to the shooting as "or so your family maintained." The sheets at the end were kind of lame looking, but from what I understand there were some issues with filming around this time where Bryan and James weren't available the Saturday they were shooting this because the show decided to let Bryan attend Martha's wedding and James attend a fan event, so I don't think that's too big of a deal.

The only bad thing is... the elephant in the room with Stephanie and Max's scenes NEEDS to be addressed! I don't care about the adoptive uncle-niece stuff as long as they write the awkward into the storyline, but when the show tries to just brush it aside and ignore it *I as a viewer* cannot ignore it because I am just sitting their thinking oh Steph's Uncle Roman is missing and that's Max's brother. Or they talk about Grandma Caroline and I am just thinking, oh that's Max's mom. Ugh. Fix it, DOOL. Oh God. And now Stephanie is comparing Max to her dad when she has been comparing Jeremy to her dad too. Not that I think it's unrealistic for this show to give a character like Stephanie daddy issues, but jeez, incestuous undertone overload!
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