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I'm a little confused as to how Stephanie thinks Max is so much like her dad...I would say Jeremy is more like him. The whole Stephanie/Max/Jeremy thing is just so messy and convoluted. She loves Jeremy, she doesn't; she wants to have sex with Max, she just wants to be friends; they are uncle and niece but the show ignores it. Definitely the worst part in a show that I very much enjoyed today.

I'm having so much fun being creeped out and scared by Andre. Thaao is doing a great job of playing a real villain this time around and not a cartoon supervillain. I'm glad Stefano is up and walking around; he looked so handsome and distinguished today--the cane was a nice touch.

IMA, I'm also wondering about Andre's curious remark about EJ shooting John. For a long time I didn't think he'd done it, then I seem to remember him admitting to it once, and now I'm back to wondering if someone else was the shooter. I hope that soon this is settled once and for all. Andre also doesn't seem to accept that EJ has reformed--or is he lying to Sami to confuse her? Curiouser and curiouser.

I'm shocked to realize that I'm really liking Jeremy lately. I think he should get this police business straightened out and become Nick's roomie. They have a nice dynamic between them. If we could just get rid of Jett, straighten out the Max/Stephanie situation (writers, at least acknowledge the relationship between them!), and balance out the air time better, I'd be happy with the younger cast right now.

Good to see Doug and Julie and so glad they have the LAST batch of letters. I also found Panama Hat Guy mysterious and interesting and hope we get some real info on the boys and who they are/who they are hiding from.

Good week so far.

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