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Sep 25 2007, 03:35 PM
Sep 23 2007, 10:37 PM

∫I sometimes wonder if we all watch more to analyze and criticize rather then enjoy.  It just seems like years ago people were patient and were there no matter what for the most part.  Sure, there were likes and dislikes but things were not picked apart nearly as much.  Even a few years ago, it seemed like even when a show sucked people still found a reason to stick by it and still found something to enjoy.  I can be accused of this too.  I used to just sit back and watch a show and now I end up questioning why a writer does something or writes a scene a certain way and why an actor plays a scene a certain way and things like that.  I never did that before.  Those little things meant nothing to me.  I often wonder if that is what's changed.  We all may pay more attention to those things then we used to.

I guess, for me, I have accepted the fact that so much has been done that no story is going to be surprising anymore.  The one thing I am grateful for is I can still find something I enjoy in all 9 soaps, especially Days, and that nothing takes away from that enjoyment.  Maybe it's just me being blind to things but it's the way I am.

Tim, I so agree with you on this. Before I came to any message board, I ust watched. No picking apart story lines, acting ability (or lack there of), and no reading between the lines trying to figure out what the writer "really" intended. I just enjoyed (most of the time.) No one likes everything 100% of the time and I am no exception.Yes, Days could be so much better, and I hope it will be soon. I don't want it to all be over in 2009 - it has been so much a part of my life for over 40 years that I don't know what I would do after work every day. So I just watch and get excited over the things like and try to survive the things I don't.

This is exactly how I feel. I've watched through a lot of sucky storylines. Before participating in the messageboards, I never got wound up about the show. If I didn't like what I was watching, I took a little break, but then would come back to Days to see what was going on. And generally speaking, when I returned, I stuck with the show for a few years. I didn't overanalyze -- I'd just watch with my mom and sister and we'd do our own good natured "dishing" on the show--either saying how great an episode was or laughing at how bad it was. But it always remained fun, no matter what crazy or controversial story appeared onscreen. Back then ratings had no effect on my mood or affection for the show.

But then I discovered the boards. And while on the whole I love visiting them and posting, the negativity spread when a show is having a rough time -- it's infectious and hard to ignore. It's hard to keep a balanced perspective when I read people bashing or blaming characters that I adore and watch for. Or a storyline I personally find good is held up to ridicule. I'm not saying that people don't have a right to their opinion and a right to express it -- they absolutely do. And that's the risk I took when I got into the world of the messageboards -- these things are going to bashed because everyone has his/her own point of view. But opinions, man they sure can get nasty sometimes. Oh well . . . c'est la vie.

Every once in awhile though, I am able to watch the show in the same way I used to. And it's usually when I'm watching with an objective viewer who has never visited a soap website or read a soap mag. They remind me of what this show is -- entertainment not to be taken so seriously.

Oh . . . I just wanted to add--just for the sake of "full disclosure"--I've done my fair share of ranting about Days on the boards. I just can't help it sometimes! :P
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