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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS: I'm NOT throwing in the towel on this show!
Steve Frame
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I agree that the messageboards give us more of a chance to be negative and analyze things. It gives us more of a chance to ban together too which helped the onset of stronger fanbases who can control the show more.

But even before messageboards fans did complain and made their voices heard. Just think about all the way back to the late 50's when CBS was bombarded with so much hate mail for Irna Phillips for killing off Susan Roberts that Irna herself had to go on the air to address the public. The early 60's again 2 more times fans revolted when Jeff Baker was killed off ATWT and Sara Karr was killed off on EON. Then the next example that sticks out in my mind is when Erica Kane was sick after she had her abortion in 1973 and even doctors and nurses flooded ABC with critique of the story and offered Agnes Nixon ways to treat Erica and cure her. Then another big example was in 1983 when fans thought Marlena had been killed and stormed NBC studios demanding she be brought back.

Fans also make themselves heard in the same way as they do today - the ratings. They didn't have messageboards to be critical but if they didn't like things - they didn't go on a messageboard and talk about it - they just tuned out. Today they tune out and complain about it on the messageboards too.

Back in late 1979 and early 1980 when Days fired so many beloved favorites and filled the show with so many newbies it was so unfamiliar to audiences - fans tuned out in droves. Days got very close to cancellation. AW was doing the same thing around this time too. They were giving so many new characters to fill out the 90 minutes and getting ready to debut Texas.

Fans tuned out big time and both shows reached record lows for the time.

So fans did get upset and voiced their opinions about things the best way they knew how. Also Days and AW which had done well in the Daytime TV readers polls for years dropped down big time in the late 70's and early 80's - giving them solely over to the ABC shows. When the shows got better a few years later, Days and then AW returned to the polls and dominated even though ratings were still not great.
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