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sami: agree..end the whimpy whimpy whimpy ..she is not a heroine..it does not suit her and makes two fanbases upset!

ej: he finds he is the father of the twins, and as a dimera he wants custody, and has the power to get it..only he also has feelings that run deep for sami..will his efforts at being a good father win her over?

lucas: end the lumi..put him into a story such as he is spearheading the sec investigation against ej with a beautiful washington investigator..but realizes if ej goes down so does mummy..and he falls in love with the sec agent!

3. bo and hope-wow..having another baby is limiting but they attempt to dismantle the dimera and kirakis empires, putting them in imminent danger from both sides

4. john and marlena: bring back isabella end the madness..stefano has had her alive all these years! marlena should fall in love with stefano..it is her destiny!

5. patch and kayla: she begins to run a clinic in the poorest section of town, and he is security

6. lexie and abe: find tek lexie needs another desk romp to shut her crying up, then have celeste console abe..they were good together

7. roman/anna/kate .....let the best woman win

8. tony/stefano/andre...tony should get a gay lover, he is such a good dancer, and dresses so well and days needs to get over the fear of a gay storyline..tony is urbane and could carry it off like no other! ..stefano should get marlena as i said above..andre..should be our resident evil

9. phillip/belle/chloe/shawn....philip belle and chloe should be a menage a trois..shawn could be tony's gay lover

10. chelsea/nick/max/stephanie/abby..just switch partners once a month who cares anyhow?

i think it would be a good fit overall.. :drunk:
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