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Viewing Single Post From: Carolyn Hinsey Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth
Check out what Carolyn Hinsey said in the recent edition of SOD (thanks to Donna at the Zen Board)

Hey, GH fans: Why so angry?My pal at TV guide, Michael Logan and I do not believe that women can physically "rape" men any more than people can come back from the dead or get a new head (I mean with a recast, no plastic surgery). So what? You are WELCOME to believe something else and to send your opinions to him and to me. But the fury and anger are severely misplaced.

First of all, if you don't like GH labeling Jax encounter with Irina 'cheating' then write to them, not to me. Second, there is a certain physical...thing...that has to happen to men so that they can have sex, which I just don't see happening when a Rocky and Bullwinkle style villian climbs on your lap with an Uzi after you've been beaten to a pulp. If Jax were a real person (!) he would have been more concerned with the ringing in his ears and getting some water than arousing himself for a cartoon villain.

Lastly, Soaps are pretend.So please don't threaten me and/or Michael because we stated our opinions about fictional stories. Thanks.

Is Carolyn so blinded by her loyalty to GH that she allows her inner psychotic fangurl to come out and have the audacity to say what she did? My goodness. I have ALWAYS loved Carolyn, though I didn't always agree with what she had to say. This is just disgusting. How can SOD allow this woman to have a job?

Why is this mouthpiece for the networks and sometimes select "critic" allowed to write the bullshit that she does? There's a woman who I'd love to see take her place....her initials are M.D.L.

This may be her opinion....but she can take her opinion and shove it up her ass.
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