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Awesome topic!

NUMBER 1- Stop writing for his favorites and write a show that fans overall will want to watch. Hogan has openly stated the characters he likes and he has openly written for them SOLELY. In the recent IWBASS episode, Hogan kept clamoring about his friend Blake Berris. I like Nick, I know many people do, but his friendship for Blake clearly shows on the screen. Hogan will never make DAYS successful show if he doesn't forget this because DAYS fans have always watched the show for an ensemble. When that changed, the ratings of the show did too.

Number 2- Write inspired stories. None of his stories have proven to be interesting at all. Most of them come off half assed with brief plots that seem like he was cumming at that point he wrote it and otherwise he was uninspired. Every single storyline he has penned has been a complete and utter dissapointment on every angle, character involvement, character growth, storyline execution, etc.

Number 3- Respect the history of the show. Hogan, like many of the previous HW, has disregarded a lot of history ignoring key aspects such as Stefano's obsession with Marlena, ignoring aspects of the stories HE WROTE HIMSELF (Violent angry Phillip who hated Belle), etc.

Number 4- Stick to what he says in interviews. MOST if not ALL of what Hogan has said in his interviews has been completely erased. Be it his own doing or someone elses, Hogan is taking the flack for it and his reputation is slowly being tarnished with the year closing. Nothing he has said has actually worked on screen.
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