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I want nothing more than success for this show and as easy as it would be to just go with the consensus and kick the show while it is down (since this seems to be the "cool" thing to do or so it seems), when it appears to be trying to rebuild itself, I just cannot do it.

I see what you're saying Mitch. I don't necessarily agree with that statement though. DAYS has always been an isolated appeasement kind of soap-- when DAYS ratings were soaring high there was still a group of fans that did not like it, particularly during both JER runs. And at that time fans were defending it-- while others were kicking it. I loved a lot of JER's first run while many fans were mocking it (with reason? I suppose...) but I never gave up b/c it was enjoying. DAYS is far from enjoyable now a days and many things that I loved about it pre- JER, in the 80's and from 1990-1993 are simply NOT there anymore-- hence the throwing in of the towel.
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