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Sep 23 2007, 10:07 PM
Sep 23 2007, 10:00 PM
I agree Tyler, it's hard to sit down and watch a show you love than you aren't able to recognize anymore. It's not just Days, but all the soaps for that matter. I've traditionally watched all the soaps over the years and I can honestly say that for the first time since I began watching them, I couldn't care less about any of them. The way I see it, if the overall quality of a soap sucks and almost nothing holds my interest, then why am I  wasting my time watching it? You might say loyalty, but why should I provide a show with loyalty when that same show has done everything to prove that it's not loyal to me and its very own core audience/fans in general? Viewers are wiser than anyone thinks and the soap ratings are starting to reflect that.

Perhaps it is my loyalty to the actors/characters that I have grown up loving. Maybe it is NOT so much the show as an entity, but the characters and giving up on DAYS for me would be like giving up on THEM.

I also feel like giving my undivided viewership to another soap is like further sending DAYS down the tubes.

I think it has affected my other viewing aswell, I have given up on every single other show, BUT DAYS!

Its weird, I cannot explain it.

Again... C what u r saying... but MANY of those characters are not even on now! If they are on, they are hardly featured in any capacity as to connect with them as a viewer. 2nd rate characters are utilized in that capacity so that you are not supposed to have an emotional investment in them, or what happens to them. Hogan has essentialy done that to many of the characters that brought this show to its glory.

I loved SSK and Zach's death. But SO MANY people hated them both and thought it was DAYS at its worse. I love the 90's and so many people hated the unbelievability, long storylines, couples being torn apart, and dark gothic style. It's just so hit or miss with DAYS.

I definitely agree with you Mike. The only difference now is that people were watching back then. When we loved those times, others did as well. People can argue whatever but the show felt very little harm in featuring those stories-- and people were actually watching. People are just not watching now meaning people like myself are not happy and are not watching which means DAYS has pissed off fans (like it did before), and more worstly, lost them completely (not like before).
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