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OMG! I just LOVED monday's episode!

It had so many characters!! And the pacing was so fast! So many little things happened!

I loved how Tracy and Edward finally shared some scenes with Jason! It was so refreshing! Even if it was about Lulu...

Jason telling Liz about people that know and what Sam did! Finally! And they admitted their love for one another... yawn... I hope they get together and Liz gets shot.

And then, FINALLY Lucky asked Liz for divorce! YES! I was so scared that whore would leave him! I am so happy he is leaving her!

And Nikolas is totally weird! :unsure: What is going on with him?! I loved the scenes though! I wonder if he has some kind of a brain tumor or something that is affecting his behavior.

Jerry/Carly/Jax was boring. I didn't really watch those scenes.

Sonny/Kate were sweet. Really LOVE Kate. And because I love her, I can tolerate Sonny.

And Lulu is exchanging messages with Johnny... hmmm... I hope she doesn't fall for him now... I mean, we've invested so much time in her falling for Logan...

Great show!
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