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I will comment on the week thus far and then today's.

Loving this week.

Nick and the kids is a good story and I like the way Chick has been written this week. Like the panama hat guy for some reason. Also liked the Chelsea/Max interaction and seeing Max and Stephanie with Stefano yesterday was nice. It's about time we start dragging the whole canvas into this.

I was also glad it seems like Max and Stephanie are nothing more then a plot point to make Steph realize she loves Jeremy no matter what. Hogan shouldn't have gone back down the incest route but at least it had a purpose.

Bo/Sami scenes were good. Loving Andre. Thaoo is amazing. The explosion Monday was well-done.

Today was very good. I was happy with how the Colleen stuff turned out because it shows why she is being driven to the edge. I know I am in the minority but this does make sense IMO and I enjoyed it today. Little Shawn broke my heart.

Drake looked and acted good today. For the first time in awhile, I liked him onscreen. Glad this is the end of the letters.

I also liked seeing Andre call attention to Sami's concern for EJ and how he toyed with her about EJ's misdeed. All around good scenes.

I also liked seeing Jeremy come to the rescue. I am liking him lately and the redemption story is pretty good for him.

Good ending with Roman.

A little heads up for tomorrow...the Colleen stuff looks like it's being played out a bit backwards as they go into her finding out about Santo lying first and explain how it happened on Friday. It seems to play out good though.

The big thing I noticed for tomorrow is that Stefano's obsession with Marlena is acknowledged!! He says that he planned to marry Marlena to end the Vendetta but knew EJ was meant to end it upon seeing his resemblance to Santo. This kind of goes along with how Stefano forced EJ to impregnate a Brady when he first returned. Maybe he hoped that would tie EJ to a Brady so he could marry her and end the vendetta. Makes sense but I am happy they mention it.
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