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Captain Kirk

:wave: at everyone. I had to take a brief hiatus after all the negativity and terrible ratings surrounding DAYS, but I decided I would post some because the show has been really stepping it up the last 2 or 3 weeks.

IMO a lot of that has to do with Ed Scott. With him around the episodes seem to flow better and the sets, lighting and realistic feel of the show just make each show more enjoyable. A few examples of DAYS being more realistic that come to mind was when Lucas was tied up in a car and DAYS actually showed two real dogs outside the car. That alone made the show for me because I was so used to ridiculous special effects with Wyman(anyone remember the Tiger from the SSK SL). On Monday's episode the explosion looked great and on todays show when Sami fired the gun at EJ the gun actually smoked and sounded like a real gun. I know these things I am mentioning are minute, but to me it seems like someone behind the camera is actually putting forth effort and that goes a long way for me.

Joe M. and Thaao have been awesome lately and can't wait to see what Andre does next in Salem. I wish I hadn't read ahead fro the rest of this week because I would have been very surprised. I am spoiler free startign next week. I just hope DAYS continues to be this good on a weekly basis.

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