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Captain Kirk

Everyone in here has covered what I would like for the show, but I will add some anyway in no particular order....

Realistic romance, not corny kissy kiss face that Lucas and Sami do. How about some actual love scenes. Why didn't Chelsea and Nick have an actual love scene, Chelsea's first time could have been a big event.

Some big events, when was the last time DAYS had a massive event, like Greta's Coronation, Hope's Mother of the Year Party, just something similar to those 2 past events.

Actually use the entire cast, especially the Big 4 and Suzanne Rogers. Either use Renee Jones and Tanya Boyd or get rid of them. Just use much better balance, while limiting the use of the early 20/late teen set.

Have Sami go back to her own ways and not become some instant herione. She can be bad and or fiesty without acting like a scheming teen. Either go with Ejami or dont.

Get some writers who know DAYS history and have him or her coHW with Beth Milesten
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