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Hmmm my list could be lenghty lol!

1. QUIT! (sorry but that is #1 in my book lol)

2. Write interesting and complelling sl's for the vets. They are beloved characters for a reason. They have history (even though most of it is being re-written) and they are developed.

3. If you are going to write for teens make it about things that teens actually GO THROUGH. I don't of many teens that are out running of to Vegas and smugling people into the country.

4. Give the show some balance. I know people love/like Sami... I enjoy her myself... but cheese and crackers other people live in Salem too!

5. And for the love of the Soap Gods... do people WORK in Salem? I would love to see people at work. I mean the only people I see going to their jobs in Salem are the waitresses at the Pub or the Nurses at the hospital. I mean lets see Marlena trying to cure some of the crazies in Salem... there are more than enough to go around!

6. I beg of you... QUIT making the Salem Police complete idiots! I mean when is the last time they solved ONE crime or caught ONE criminal? I am so beyond tired of seeing police officers who dont know their ass from their elbow!

This is all I can think of but I am sure there is more lol!
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