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Josie going was no shock. She had zero fanbase and was horrible. Plus, she was forgettable and the Foxtrot is a boring dance. Everything was against her. The judges were harsh to her and you could tell she was holding back tonight. I wonder if Alec telling fans to vote for Cameron and Edyta was because he was Kelly's partner in season 1 and he wants fans to support the soap star. It's either that or he wants Edyta to win because she has been on every year and never won. I was shocked when he said that.

I will rank the dancers and provide a brief view on them now that they all performed:

1.) Sabrina (a little unfair she is here since she can dance already but definitely the best so far with a big fanbase. She is in the finale for sure)
2.) Helio (has a partner in Julianne who built up quite the fanbase with Apolo last year and will get the guy vote because he is a racer. Danced really well and has great potential.)
3.) Floyd (Got robbed by the judges and has the ability to be great. His one downfall could be his partner, Karina, who often times can be a turn off to fans.)
4.) Jennie (She has a nice grace about her and has the potential to be solid once she loses the nerves. Good chemistry with her partner too.)
5.) Mel (Very much like Laila Ali and even treats Max the same as she did. The problem is Max's personality can also turn fans off and she may be too similar to Laila. Plus, she is kind of forgettable and a big issue is whether people still know who she us. Definitely has talent though.)
6.) Albert (Impressive but a little too cocky and sexy moves like that will only get you so far. He doesn't have a fanbase either so that could hurt. On a side note, nice seeing Anna back.)
7.) Marie (Nice charm and love the personality. She adds flair and is fun to watch. I think she will have major trouble with latin though.)
8.) Jane (Like Marie, nice charm and very genuine but latin will give her fits, especially with a bad back.)
9.) Wayne (Not bad and looked real nervous. Cheryl's fanbase alone will get him far. Not sure how much he can do though so it's not the best partner for Cheryl.)
10.) Cameron (Not impressed at all. He has good chemistry with Edyta but was very stiff. Has potential but he needs to show some more flair and technique. His schedule may catch up to him too.)
11.) Mark Cuban (Poor Kym. On a positive note, he showed a different side of him. I don't think he is a complete jerk anymore. It's also tough with him having a hip replacement. Good effort but he is terrible and I think many people are turned off by his basketball-related antics and it showed tonight with him nearly going home so I think he could be next to go unless people start voting for him just to see if he will amusingly insult the judges at some point.)

I like how the pros are matched up well height-wise with the celebrities. I also love Drew as co-host. I don't want Samantha (I will take the microphone back before your finished" Harris back. Loved the results show with Kenny tonight and them splitting up through the show who was staying. I actually like splitting the men and women up too but I don't think it will work out the rest of the way.

Can anyone tell me what dance the judges wanted an encore of? I missed the first 15 minutes. I am guessing it was Sabrina's, right?
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