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This is hardly an umbrella storyline. It may seem like that but it doesn't fit the bill. Umbrella storylines feature ALL of the cast, (and not sitting around reading letters), an umbrella storylines features a minimum of 8 major characters with major ramifications to the outcome. The only ones that have been constantly threatened by this Andre thing are Sami, Lucas, EJ, what maybe Bo, Roman, Kate? And those were a drop in a dime kind of thing. This storyline involves the Bradys and DiMeras but features only a small amount of them.

A true umbrella SL like Cruise of Deception featured 3+ couples, each with their individual stories being featured saliently and an outcome that affected each of them-- Isabella and her father; Jack and Jennifer being together and most importantly, the climax of the story which affected the whole canvas: Hope's death. The SL did not revolve solely around Bo and Hope it featured all of this couples and its outcome was then spread out to affect each of them and the rest of the canvas individually. Sami and EJ getting married will have no affect on the rest of the canvas. Furthermore, they are ending a vendetta that for a while didn't even exist since the Dimeras were being repressed.
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